Investor Programs


While tiny homes are small, investment opportunities are mammoth. Tiny homes are not only a great option for people looking to downsize their full-time place of residence. They also provide the perfect opportunity for investors to purchase a home to rent via Airbnb and VRBO. The River Edge Tiny Home community offers investors the property management they need and a location people will love. Our tiny home village is located in one of the most central locations in the state, providing easy access to all things New Mexico!

We have the ability to buy at less than retail when purchasing more than 3 homes at a time and would extend that savings to the limited partnership with a 5 year management agreement.


River Edge Tiny Home Community is seeking investors who wish to share in the rewards of our unique Airbnb Tiny Home Program. Initial partners will purchase a tiny home (s) to be managed by our on-site property managers. Partners invest a minimum of $45,000, and the entity will hold the titles to the home. We are seeking accredited investors only. This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Have a Self Directed IRA?


Join in the River Edge opportunity by using funds from your selfdirected IRA to purchase a home through us and placing in our rental program. Each month increasing your retirement fund painlessly tax free** .

We will manage the home for you, affording you a predictable investment contribution monthly. back into your IRA.

For less then the cost of 1 BitCoin, you never have to worry about the vagaries of employer matching again!

** Tax free if purchased through a tax free retirement fund.


We are seeking tiny home owners who wish to share in the rewards of our unique Airbnb Tiny Home Program, by bringing in your own, approved tiny house and having River Edge manage the home.


Looking to sell your tiny home? We can store your home, and help you in the sales process. Take advantage of the community and like-minded people to assist in selling your home. Call for details.

Contact us directly for more information to learn how you can build your tiny home portfolio.