Tiny homes have swept the United States as a minimalistic, trendy, and effective way of living. While having to limit space, people are able to find deeper connections with themselves, their friends and loved ones, and the world that they live in. And if you’ve ever been to New Mexico, you understand the majesty of the landscapes and the interesting people and culture that creates its unique identity.

Now, when you combine these two incredible things — tiny homes and New Mexican living, well we don’t think that there is anything better. In today’s blog, we’re going to be talking about how these two things create the most incredible, welcoming community at River Edge Tiny Home Village.

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At River Edge Tiny Home Village, we pride ourselves on being so much more than a place to take up tiny home living — we’re an eco-friendly community that enjoys the bounties of our lifestyle and the area that we live. Filled with friendly faces, we enjoy sharing a bond through minimalist living, and collaborating with one another to create an inclusive, vibrant community.

Now, this isn’t to say that you’re always going to be visiting with neighbors or participating in a community event (unless you want to be!), but rather that you’re going to be living in a place where when you need help, it’s there! If you’re looking to understand some better strategies for effective tiny home living, your neighbors will help you. Simply put, you’re going to be surrounded by great people!


A major benefit of tiny home living, believe it or not, is the lack of things and space! While yes, it can be difficult at times, as a whole it results in a life with less distractions. Instead of worrying about filling a home with furniture and things or stressing about organizing and decluttering your belongings, you’ll have a limited amount of stuff that all serves a direct purpose. Thus, housekeeping will be much less intensive, giving you time to focus on your core hobbies and skills!

It can be hard to sit down and write or practice an instrument when you have a list of chores and distractions pulling you away! But when you live in a tiny home, the limited space and chores will give you time and attention to spend on those hobbies that get pushed to the wayside in the wake of homes ridden with technology.

Plus, because your space is small, you’ll likely want to spend as much time outside when you’re able! From relaxing outside of your home to exploring the vibrant, diverse nature of New Mexico you’ll be inherently living a life that’s more connected to nature.


The beautiful thing about tiny home living is that it looks a little different for everyone who does it! That said, we can guarantee that it will be a unique and appreciated journey that transforms your outlook on life. We’re happy to provide you with the options of renting a prefabricated tiny home on our premises, or renting a variety of tiny home plots to park your existing home.

If you’d like to learn more about our community or come live with us, contact us today!